About Us

Rietti PPH – System was created in the beginning of 2014 and is the only factory in Albania, which deals with the production of pipes and fittings with rubber made out off Polypropylene. RIETTI PPH – System cooperates with Pipetech Italia Srl, which has 30 years experience in the thermo-hydraulic. We guarantee that the experience and quality of our associates we received from, will be preserved with continuous commitment so that the products we produce will meet the demands and European standard, Pipes and Fittings currently are manufactured by our factory according to the standard UNI – EN 1451 certified by the IIP (Italian Institute of Plastic).

Fittings and Pipes made out off Polypropylene are used for drainage and are easy to use as their union requires no special equipment. Thanks to the material used the Pipes and Fittings endure the heat up to 90 degrees, and so their use for discharges of the washing machines or dishwashers is not a problem, also we assure you that Rietti Pipes and Fittings thanks to the smooth interior does not collect bacteria, micro-organisms or other impurities. Polypropileni is more resilient material than other substances used for manufacturing pipes to discharge waters , so are Pipes and Fittings are two times more shocks and presure resistant than the others.

The Rietti Factory uses the newest manufacturing equipment on the market and the raw material according to the standards, pipes produced by Rietti are used to fulfill the needs of the market within Albania also for export to countries in the region and throughout Europe.